​​No one bats an eye when photographers are hired for weddings because duh. Who wants to forget that?​ Why not get a birth photographer to remember the day you meet your child for the first time? It’s a special and transformative time of your life. PLUS, you’re a badass who carried this baby and birthed this baby. We must captured this awesomeness.

Birth photographers will often do a meeting before the birth to go over what you want captured, your comfort level with nudity in photos (or you prefer to keep everything PG), and when to call us in! We have different packages based on how many photos you want and if you want a professionally designed birth album.

We try our best to back each other up with members of the collective, however, there might be times when we have to bring in other birth photographers (due to location) that we know and trust to provide backup care. 

Birth Doula
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Kristen Schell